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Michael O'Neill: News

Con Safos Reflections of Life in the Barrio Documentary - February 26, 2019

Randy Waldman Super Heroes CD Review - November 15, 2018

Michael O'Neill Composer Interview - August 31, 2018

US Blasting News Interviewed Composer Michael O'Neill on The Nightmare Gallery.Go to Links page to view it.

Trailer for "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy " - August 16, 2018

Michael O'Neill composed the music for this trailer to a great film.Go to the Links page to watch it.

Michael O'Neill featurd on Toni Braxton'S "My Heart" - March 4, 2018

Michael O'Neill played a featured Spanish Guitar solo on Toni Braxton's song"My Heart" which also features Colbie Caillat

Michael O'Neill appears with Barbra Streisand on Netflix special - November 20, 2017

Michael O'Neill will be appearing with Barbra Streisand in her Netflix special " Barbra The Music,The Memories,The Magic"to be released this month.Later there will be a live audio cd and dvd available for purchase.

Michael O'Neill co-produces George Benson song.Go to Links page to hear it. - October 16, 2017

Michael O'Neill co-produced George Benson and sang backing vocals on this beautiful track.

Michael O'Neill wins Best Music Score Award with score on "The Betwixt Killer" - June 7, 2017

Michael returns from Barbra Streisand Tour - December 17, 2016

I returned home on Dec 6th from the extension of the Barbra Streisand Music,Memories,Magic Tour.The tour was comprised of shows in Houston,Tampa,Fort Lauderdale and Miami capped off with a special filming of the final show in Miami for a Netflix special due out sometime in 2017.The experience of working with Barbra for this filming was so amazing as she wore all of her hats of talent.Her singing alone is of the highest order but when I witnessed her Directing the entire film crew it was astonishing and made it quite clear why she is an Academy Award winning Director ( The Prince of Tides ) .This has been nothing short of amazing and inspiring to me particularly because I've ventured into the field of Film Scoring.

Michael O'Neill just back from Barbra Streisand The Music,The Memories,The Magic Tour - August 26, 2016

Michael O'Neill just returned home from playing guitar with iconic vocalist Barbra Streisand on her The Music,The Memories,The Magic Tour.The tour ran from August 2nd - August 23rd throughout 9 major cities across America.In Michael's own words "When working with Barbra Streisand you are not only working with one of the greatest voices of all time but also with an accomplished film director/producer,actress,author,and powerful fundraiser for causes close to her heart.Everyday was a new learning experience touring the USA with Barbra who I found to be a delightful person and the highest level professional who settles for nothing but the best from herself and so she pulls all those with her up the ladder."

Michael O'Neill wins Best Music Score Award - April 4, 2016

Michael O'Neill was chosen as winner of the Best Music Score Award for his score on the film "No More Chances" by writer,director Pablo Moline in the Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival 2016

Michael O'Neill nominated for Best Music Score - March 26, 2016

I'm pleased to announce that I've been nominated for Best Music Score for the short film "No More Chances" written and directed by Pablo Moline in the Hollywood International Motion Picture Festival 2016.

New Album Release - December 10, 2015

I'm proud to announce the release of a brand new project that I've been working on for the past year.Amin El & Michael O'Neill "Let it All Go".My musical partner Amin El possesses one of those rare voices that grip you right away and he and I have forged a songwriting partnership that I believe to be quite powerful.In the album "Let it All Go" we tackle a fair amount of the important issues in the world today and manage to create an enjoyable soundscape in the process.Hope you all check this one out.I know you'll fall in love with it.It's available on ITunes ,CD Baby and other digital music sights.

Michael O'Neill Scores "Gone Fishing" - August 30, 2015

Michael O'Neill has completed the music score for the short film "Gone Fishing" directed by Amanda Murray of Retro Murray Films.Gone Fishing is the 3rd film directed by the young and promising director.The film is headed to the film festival circuit.

"Survivor" Makes In Roads - August 30, 2015

Hola America Official Selection to L.A. Cine Fest - June 3, 2015

Hola America,a film I did a lot of the composing for has been selected as an official nomination in the L.A. Cine Fest film festival.Here is the link to check it out.

Michael O'Neill scores interactive film. - April 27, 2015

I'm proud to announce that I'm one of 3 composers to score an upcoming interactive film by young and upcoming writer,director Dan Tonkin.It's entitled " Survivor" a story about the first ever female Navy Seal in training.Viewers get to choose the path they want the film to proceed in.Bright new concept from a bright young director.Go to my Links page to view the trailer,teaser,and full movie.

Michael O'Neill scores film short "No More Chances " - April 21, 2015

I'm proud to announce that I've scored an upcoming film short entitled "No More Chances ". It's a compelling and important story directed by Pablo Moline.Go to my Links page to view the trailer

Light Girls - January 15, 2015

Some of my music has made into this new documentary movie entitled " Light Girls" directed by the very talented Bill Duke.It deals with the dynamics of African American women with light skin and how they are perceived.It airs monday Jan.19th on OWN Network at 9pm.

Chicago 36 Now - September 23, 2014

I'm proud to announce the fact that I'm on the band Chicago's newest release,the single "Now" written by and featuring Jason Scheff.I originally played on this track around 2 years ago as Jason was actually putting together a solo album but it made it's way to Chicago 36.Being a fan of Chicago from their very start I'm particularly proud and excited about it.

Michael O'Neill Scores Staged Screenplay - February 20, 2014

I'm pleased to announce that I've just scored a screenplay that will have a staged reading at The Grove Theatre in Upland,Ca on Feb 23rd,2014.It's called "Tom Montgomery" and it deals with Interacial Marriage in the state of Virginia in 1955.I met the writer about 3 years ago while he was writing the script and I found his ideas quite compelling so I agreed to co-write a theme song for the project.I produced and recorded the song "Learn.Love,Don't Hate" which features the writer himself Pete Cole on vocals.Fast forward 2 1/2 years and Pete calls me to tell me that the Screenplay is completed and if I'd like to compose an entire score for the scheduled staged reading.Away I went !

New Release - February 13, 2014

I'm pleased to announce that on Feb.10th a brand new project I produced has been released.It's Victor G. & Los Gatos.It features music by Bass player Victor Gonzalez and myself.We are joined by an incredible lineup of musicians including Alphonso Johnson,Walfredo Reyes,Steve Madaio,Tom Saviano,Tom Keenlyside,Freddie Ravel and Rique Pantoja.It's a collection of Contemporary Latin in different forms along with a bit of R & B and some Orchestral.It's available now at I Tunes,CD Baby,Amazon and other sights.

Full Plate - June 19, 2013

As I've continued my quest deeper into the realm of TV composition my music is finding it's way to more and more shows.At the same time I just finished mastering a 6 song EP on a bass player,Victor Gonzalez.The title of the CD will be Victor G. y Los Gatos due for release in 2014.I have some mp3's up on my music page.I've also completed 2 new songs producing my charming daughter,Sadie Rose coming on the heels of her 2012 debut CD "Child Be Brave".These 2 songs are also included on the music page.I'm also appearing on the Best Buy Exclusive release of George Benson's new CD,Inspiration-A Tribute to Nat King Cole.I played of all things,Banjo and Baritone guitar on Ramblin Rose.I'm now preparing for a very busy summer into fall touring schedule with George.We're headed all through Europe,Australia,Tazmania,Asia,and some U.S. dates as well.

Michael O'Neill TV Compositions - November 12, 2012

Michael O'Neill has enetered the field of television composers.With his music being used on Bravo,TLC,and NatGeo channels so far.He has provided cues for The Real Housewives of Miami,Pregnant in Heels,Miss Advised,Brooklyn Big Style,and Wicked Tuna.He's currently composing for some other shows.

Michael O'Neill releases new CD - November 11, 2012

Michael O'Neill has released his latest cd "The String and I".A collection of 11 original songs reflecting his unique style and experience is augmented by some of the industries finest musicians.Alphonso Johnson,Freddie Ravel,Rique Pantoja,Walfredo Reyes Jr.,Lynn Fiddmont,Melvin Lee Davis and many others joined Michael in the making of this project.He again hits upon his Latin roots,R & B,Jazz,and Pop experience to form his personal blend.He's also added 3 original vocal tracks this time out.

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