Michael O'Neill is a Composer,  Multi Instrumentalist,producer with over 3 decades experience at the highest levels of the music industry.Michael has released 5 solo CD's as a guitarist,vocalist,composed music for dozens of TV shows, scored several films and composed and produced music for a variety of artists.As a guitarist he has played on countless recording projects including such artists as George Benson,Al Jarreau,RickieLee Jones,and many others.He served as Associate Producer on the George Benson CD "Songs and Stories" which was nominated for the 53rd Grammys 2010 ( Monster Music Version ) in the Surround Sound Album category.Through his many and varied experiences performing literally all over the planet,Michael has been blessed with a truly wide perspective on different types of ethnic music from all corners of the world and he brings this unique perspective to every project he participates in.He recently won an award for Best Music Score       ( short film ) for a film by Pablo Moline " No More Chances" in the Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival 2016.Michael won Best Musical Score in the 2017 Smoky Mountain Film Festival for the Seraph Film 'The Betwixt Killer "