Curacao North Sea Jazz Fest

I returned from Curacao Sept.4th after doing a show there with George Benson.The North Sea Jazz model continues it's expansion around the globe with the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival,a 2 day event held at the World Trade Center in Willemstadt,Curacao.It was a fabulous collection of artists featuring a distinct Latin flavor because Curacao is a Latin based country settled by the Dutch.American artists George Benson,Natalie Cole,Lionel Richie,John Legend,and Raul Midon joined a roster of Latin based groups such as Luis Enrique,Sierra Maestra,Michel Camillo,Sergio Mendes,Giovanca,India,African bassist,Richard Bona and European group Simply Red.Add to that some home grown Curacaon bands and you had an incredible spicy soup of tasty tones.I particularly enjoy interfacing with all the World musicians I can as it gives me an expanded and unique view of the world today.To sum it up "We are much more the same than different,only you might not know that from the various sounds that we create".

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