Full Plate

As I've continued my quest deeper into the realm of TV composition my music is finding it's way to more and more shows.At the same time I just finished mastering a 6 song EP on a bass player,Victor Gonzalez.The title of the CD will be Victor G. y Los Gatos due for release in 2014.I have some mp3's up on my music page.I've also completed 2 new songs producing my charming daughter,Sadie Rose coming on the heels of her 2012 debut CD "Child Be Brave".These 2 songs are also included on the music page.I'm also appearing on the Best Buy Exclusive release of George Benson's new CD,Inspiration-A Tribute to Nat King Cole.I played of all things,Banjo and Baritone guitar on Ramblin Rose.I'm now preparing for a very busy summer into fall touring schedule with George.We're headed all through Europe,Australia,Tazmania,Asia,and some U.S. dates as well.

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