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Amin El & Michael O'Neill " Let it All Go" - CD

The String and I - CD

Michael O

Sadie Rose O'Neill "Child Be Brave " - CD

'Touch the Past" - CD

"Beans n Grease" - Single

"Funky Fiesta" - CD

"Never too Late" - CD

"Stringtime Serenity" - CD

"The Voices of Christmas" - CD-R

12 original Christmas songs written & produced by Michael O'Neill.Featuring vocalists Leslie Smith,Elisa Dease,Earl Buffington,Tina Meeks,Ninette Tenza & Michael O'Neill himself.

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"True Love" - CD

The Progressives " Bankster Billionaire" - Single

Richard Aguila "The Impossible Dream"

Amin El & Michael O'Neill "A Million Men 2 Many"

Sadie Rose " Over the Hill"